Thursday, October 1, 2009

Step One.... Admit you have a problem

Welcome to my blog. I am so glad you found me. Let me introduce my self. My name is Anne, Anne Onymous- pronounced 'Anonymous' and I am a shop a holic. If I didn't know it before I sure know it now after taking the following quiz found on...

1. When I am feeling depressed, I usually go shopping.
(my answer: True- although I do not need to be depressed to go shopping, I shop regardless of my mood, happy or sad.)

2. I spend a lot of money that I do not have on things that I do not need.
(my answer: Absolutely true- I know I shouldn't be spending, but I feel compelled to sometimes.")

3. I get a rush when I make a purchase, but I “crash” soon afterwards.

(my answer: True, I always drive away thinking "I shouldn't have done that.")

4. I have closets full of clothes that I have never worn, and countless gadgets that I have never used.

(my answer: Partially true, I don't have lots of clothes not worn, but do have a lot of stuff that I don't use, or plan on using but have lost before I have used.)

5. I often feel reckless and out of control when I shop.

(my answer: A little bit)

6. I lie to my friends and family about how much money I spend.

(my answer: Did you see that I named this blog "Confessions of An ANONYMOUS Shopaholic.")

7. Even though I feel very distraught about my debt, I still shop.

(my answer: true- I do feel distraught about debt and yet still I shop.)

8. I feel emotionally upset and disturbed by my own shopping habits.

(my answer: Just a bit, yep, that is why I needed a place to vent)

9. After a big shopping trip, I sometimes feel disoriented and depressed.

(my answer: Not quite disoriented but just a feeling like I said of "what the heck did I do that for.")

10. My shopping has caused problems in my personal relationships in one way or another.

(my answer: somewhat true, my husband has commented a time or two on my spending habits.)

Did you answer “True” for four or more of the above statements? If so, it is possible that you have a real problem with compulsive shopping.

(why yes I did answer "True" for four or more of the above statements.)

So there you have it.... My name is "Anne" and I AM a Shop-A-Holic.